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5 Best Yoga Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

5 Gift Ideas You Can Share With Yoga Lovers

Our Intention

Our list will provide 5 gift ideas for yoga lovers that range from botanical garden designs to ocean designs.

The focus is to provide vintage, quirky and calming designs on a variety of items that would be of use to someone who loves the tranquility of slow movement.

There are 5 unique designs that are displayed on leggings, however, you can click through to see the design on additional items like:

  1. Notebooks

  2. Daypacks

  3. Tote Bags

  4. Masks

Our hope is that you find a design that perfectly fits the yogi in your life.

Our Leggings

We start off the list with legging ideas that would be the perfect gift for a mother, sister, or close friend.

These outdoor designs operate at the cross-section between fashion and function. Yoga lovers can enjoy comfort both in the studio or as athleisure.

1. Succulent Design Leggings - Learn More

These leggings are inspired by the wild succulents that are found in mountain wildernesses.

They pair well with a plain shirt or crop top, however, you can fashion them accordingly to your own individual style.

The picture was taken in South Africa in the winter and has both a vintage yet elegant feel to them. This image translates beautifully onto a notebook and travel mug too.

2. Botanical Floral Design Leggings with Cactus Illustration Top - Learn More

These leggings are inspired by the many layers of beauty you kind find by simply admiring the different floral elements within a botanical shrub. The teal blues and soft pinks pop through even though the base of these leggings are darker.

The top is a simple, yet the creative depiction of the different greens that embody a cactus. Whether worn with jeans or leggings, it is a neutral simple look that seems to work with anything.

3. Ocean Design Leggings - Learn More

These leggings captivate the powerful ocean waves.

The combination of dark blues and light whites captives the natural beauty of an ocean design. There is detail in every splash which is captured in the print.

Whether it's outdoor sports, dancing, running, fitness, horse riding, playing, boxing, work, traveling, or everyday leisure activities.

These leggings can be used with a variety of shoes and tops.

4. Ocean Bubbles Design - Learn More

This legging design has somewhat of a sci-fi feel to it.

The print conforms, and contours with each pose and movement.

The traditional ocean bubbles have been darkened to appeal to the women who prefer darker leggings with an ocean rush to it.

5. Wild Flower Design - Learn More

These leggings capture the winter wildflower design essence. The gentle aspect of these incredibly strong botanical flowers translates beautifully onto the leggings.

Not only does this look great on leggings, but this design adds a pop of color in the form of a floor pillow too.

Final Thoughts

Again, although we showcased these designs on leggings, once you click through to the store, you can see the images translated across a wild variety of further items.

The outdoors has a way of calming, yet inspiring us and these designs capture the very essence of nature.

We hope you find the perfect gift for your yoga-loving friend.

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