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The Girl Boss Mindset - Mental Hacks That Set Me Up For Greatness

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How to have a Girl-Boss mindset

I owe a lot of what I am about to say based on what I learned from Steven Pressfield and Brene Brown.

I ultimately learned is that four things are inevitable if you try anything new:

  1. You are likely to feel resistance if you set a goal,

  2. You will need to be vulnerable in order to be creative, brave and courageous,

  3. Failure is a likely result,

  4. You will need to pick yourself up, if you fail, and try again...

I love a good movie, but what movies taught me at a young age is that people are either born extremely talented and that someone could change your world for you in an instant.

As I have grown older I have learned that sure, people are talented, but it is often a less talented person who makes it to the top.

This lesson was freeing because it took the pressure off of me to be perfect: My best was good enough.

Also, if I combined my best with consistency, I would improve and it is the person who perseveres and grows that is the person who makes it... Not always he/she who is most talented.

Also, letting go that someone would come and change my world, also empowered me to create my own future. I loved those reality TV shows that built a story around changing someone's life, and I even entered a couple of these shows hoping for my life to be changed.

But, I learned that if I create my own future that I control more of the outcome. And, that I don't owe my success to a brand, but that I get to create a brand that is authentic to me- even if that takes 10 times longer.

I also learned that I will fail... And often.

However, learning from Brene and Steven that it's difficult for anyone to start something- not just me, gave me the freedom to "Get my ass where my heart wants to be."

I learned to celebrate being brave and to first try to find a lesson in the failure rather than shaming myself for not getting it right.

I am still learning to pick myself up when things don't go according to plan, and I am still trying to figure out which boundaries I need to set, but I am the happiest that I have ever been by memorizing the four inevitable steps we are likely to face as girl-bosses.

I hope knowing these steps will empower you to develop a mindset that encourages you to be brave, but also kind to yourself.

I wish you every success!

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