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A Psalm of Thanksgiving Gifts

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Finding the Best Psalm for Today

The best place to find a Psalm is by opening the bible and reading the entire book from start to end.

Sometimes, we look for a specific scripture for thanksgiving, for protection or we need a Psalm for encouragement.

The danger of doing this is that we read out of context and seek God more for his presents rather than his presence.

However, when reading the book, there may be specific scripture that speaks to your heart, and the objective of this blog is to show you items that have Psalms on them either as a gift to yourself or to a loved one.

May you meditate on the word of God, feel his grace, and live with a song of praise in your heart.

The designs below are available for sale, click on the design to see other items with the same scripture on it.

1. Psalm 23 T-shirt: Learn More

2. Psalm 46 Tote Bag: Learn More

3. Psalm 9 T-shirt: Learn More

4. Psalm 46 Mug: Learn More

5. Psalm 91 Art Board: Learn More

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, these Psalms for thanksgiving scriptures are displayed on certain items in this blog.

However, if you click through, you will see them displayed on other items such as:

  • iPhone Cases

  • Pillows

  • Clocks

  • Stickers

If you would like me to create a specific design for you containing a Psalm that is close to your heart or a Psalm of thanksgiving for a special occasion, feel free to contact me to discuss the next steps.

I hope you like my Psalm designs.

Wishing you everything of the best.

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