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Podcasting for Business - Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

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Why every business should consider creating a podcast

Marketing strategies have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years.

From billboards to magazines and then to your pocket- marketing campaigns have become something people carry around near them without even being fully conscious of it.

Where marketing goes wrong, is when companies aggressively target their consumers and cross a boundary that they were not invited into. I'm sure you can agree that robocalls are the epitome of this form of irritation.

However, you are able to talk directly to your consumer through podcasting. In a world where no-one has time, there is always time to consume information that solves a problem. Podcasting is the platform that provides you with the time to do just that- solve a problem.

But the benefit of podcasting goes deeper than only providing a space for valuable content. Podcasting forms part of the sales funnel too.

If you have to imagine a filter that separates quality leads from empty leads, consumers who find their way to your podcast form the most qualified of all leads.

Not only have they invited your content into their life, but they are committing to opening up a period of their time to focus on what it is you have to say.

With YouTube videos, if you manage to hold the attention of your audience for 30%-40% then you have done well.

But podcasters have found that listeners who start listening to a podcast, stick around for far longer than for the same content distributed through a video medium. Edison Research shared that, "20% of podcast listeners listen to between 51% and 75% of the shows they download".

Starting a podcast for your business

If you decide to start a podcast, you are also able to add pre-roll and mid-roll ads showcasing deals or new products that you may be launching.

In most cases, businesses need to utilize paid promotional strategies, but podcasting allows for organic traffic.

Podcasting allows for focus and when businesses utilize the audio-medium correctly, they have a shot at converting customers directly from a piece of content focussed on a specific product or service.

As with all forms of effective marketing, the goal should be to first provide value that serves a pain-point. You know you have done well as a business when your content is sharable and actionable.

Final Thoughts

Podcasting is not a mass-market strategy, however, this format of audio content is perfect for identifying quality leads and providing value to retain customers.

So, if your business is looking to take your marketing to the next level, perhaps podcasting the box you are next looking to check.

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