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The Relationship Between Podcasting and Marketing

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Straight from the horse's mouth

Before we dive into podcasting, let's look at advertising...

Advertising is communicated differently depending on who is trying to sell some new gimmick to you.

When print was the rage, there was a format for connecting with your customers. Then, video content became the hype, and with it came the recommended beats to hit.

But now, it is very unlikely that you are running a business and have yet to consider a podcasting strategy.

Businesses are looking for a way to sell their products and services and for any company with a sizeable marketing budget, there is probably talk of keeping up-to-date with the latest in technology. Really, it's just keeping up with the Jones's.

If your product is not worth talking about, there is no incentive to share it. So, it helps to start by having a terrific offering before considering which form of marketing you are going to pursue.

Why podcasting should be a consideration

If you have to consider the sales funnel or the journey someone goes on before they become a qualified buyer, you may find that their first interaction with the brand may be at arms-length.

If the product is great, it starts to sell itself.

However, where podcasting comes in is if there is a certain level of buy-in or education that needs to happen.

If you are selling a course or a service, you first need to establish authority and trust.

Video is a great format to do this as it evokes similar feelings of sitting opposite someone having a conversation.

But, people do not always have time to watch content. Podcasts are great if you are targeting people on the move. For some, podcasting does not feel as large of a commitment as creating time to watch something- people may be likely to try your podcast in traffic or even on a run.

What you should consider before podcasting

As I mentioned earlier, you need to provide value that people are searching for and which is sharable.

Personally, I have seen people share podcasts that discuss complicated issues like overcoming adultery or personal development topics that feel more approachable through the audio medium.

Also, I have heard people rave about personal finance and entrepreneurial podcasts that give them a slice of life of celebrities in those circles who manage to come across unedited and like you are having a chat.

Long-form content generally has a more relaxing effect on the presenter and the host as there is time for people to digest their thoughts without the pressure of needing to say something profound within a shorter time-frame.

So, when it comes to creating content, thinking of what people may share is what is likely to have your podcast gain listeners as the search functionality of the podcasting world is not as reliable as the SEO behind videos on YouTube or blogs on Google.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, long-form content has the ability to create the time it needs to build a relationship. Should listeners consumer your content in its entirety, you may also end up building a loyal following.

Podcasting allows you the freedom to talk to a willing listener.

Listening is a currency that hasn't really been explored yet.

Respect the ears that lend themselves to your business and focus on providing the content that the listener would consider sharing.

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