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Pillow Gifts You Need To See

Retro pillows that are the perfect gift for your family and friends

The Magic Pillow Gift Idea For Him or For Her

The trend for unique pillow gifts has become a fun way to show a family member how much you care.

Whether it is a floral design to add a touch of nature to your lounge, or a specific color you are looking for to add that pop of style to your bedroom, pillows have a way of filling a space beautifully.

The list below are designs of mine that have been printed on pillows, however, the design is available on other items too, like:

  • T-shirts

  • Bags

  • Travel Mugs

  • Socks

To see the design on different items, click "Learn More".

Let's start looking at the various different designs.

1. Protea Boquet Pillow Design - Learn More

This design adds that pop of nature to a minimalist-type design area.

If your home is mostly plain colors, these flowers beautifully light up your space.

There are two different designs here:

  1. Closed Protea Design

  2. Open Protea Design

The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and if you made a trip to the breath-taking African landscape, you may enjoy these pillow-cases for your home.

2. Leafy Green Pillow Design- Learn More

This design looks wonderful on leather.

Whether it is a lounge, podcasting studio or office space, adding this leafy green pop of color definitely adds that floral feeling to the room.

If there is a man in your life that you are shopping for, the design is a great pillow gift for him. It is subtle but yet charming.

3. Babies Breath White Flowers Design - Learn More

This design is detailed and yet has an element of peace to it.

This floral photograph is refreshing and gentle. It is a neutral design that is likely to fit most spaces beautifully.

Whether you are looking for a safe gift, or something meaningful, this is a simple design that could spark inspiration going forward.

4. Succulent Pillow Design - Learn More

There is a lot going on in this photo. The pillow is a gorgeous green succulent and the duvet is that leafy green design from earlier.

Whether you are wanting a forest feel in your life, these designs capture the grace of natural greens that light up the woods.

The print looks great on leggings too.

Botanical Pillow Design - Learn More

Finally, this design showcases the rainbow of colors that succulents are famous for.

The greens, oranges, reds, and blues in these little cacti make for a stunning addition to your lounge, office of bedroom space.

Pillows are gorgeous gifts not only for family, but as a treat to yourself as well.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few designs from my various collections.

On this blog, you will also see how wonderful these designs look on:

  • Yoga Leggings

  • Socks

  • Gift Ideas for Men

  • Apron Gifts

I hope you are inspired and that you have found designs that fit what you were looking for.

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