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Notion Tutorial For Beginners

How to use Notion to get organized

In this Notion Tutorial, I will walk you through how to use Notion so that you can get organized both personally and professionally.

If you feel like you are in the middle of a hurricane or chaos and you need order, then know that you are not alone.

I'm going to show you how I organize myself and how I stay on top of all the projects that I am juggling, press play to come behind the scenes to see how I use the platform.

So, what is Notion?

Notion is a central space for you to take control of all the aspects of your life by categorizing the different elements you are juggling on a day to day basis.

Some people, like to see everything in one place, and others like to break things up into manageable bite-size chunks.

In the video linked above, I show you how you can create order in notion by:

  • Compartmentalizing your life

  • Adding to-do lists

  • Adding calendars

  • Adding links

  • Creating pockets of happiness

Oh, and it is free for personal use...

What I explain in the video

First off, Notion gives you free templates.

We modify the templates, in the video, so that you will become familiar with how to use the platform.

What better way to learn than see how something is used in real life?

So, when you are ready, head over to, sign-up, create a free account and then you will be directed to the page with the templates.

Click to the right to gain access to the templates you are able to play around with.

After watching the video to see how I use Notion, hopefully, you will be inspired to determine how you would want to use it.

At this point, you are familiar with an idea of how you can use Notion to gain perspective of what you are committing to from a work or side-hustle perspective.

The idea was to show you how to use my favorite features without information overload.

So, juggling becomes a little easier if you are aware of:

  • What you are juggling

  • What you actually want to juggle

  • The intention behind everything you are taking on

  • How long you are juggling

  • The balance you want to create

Well, I'm sure you get the picture.

If you would like a part two of this notion tutorial where I discuss other elements that I did not get to today, let me know in the comments below.

Otherwise, what I have discussed with you today, in my opinion, are the best features of notion to help you get started and take ownership of your life.

Good luck!

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