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My Morning Routine Before Work | 5 Things To Do Before 8 am

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5 Things I do every morning to set my workday up for greatness

The way I start the day impacts the way I approach my work.

If I don't take the time to fit in my favorite things, I find that I have a little bit of brain fog or decision fatigue.

This is what I find really helpful, but, we are all unique and will find meaning in different things. So my hope is that you will find inspiration from what I do, as you brainstorm what you feel may work best for you.

My morning routine

It is very rare that I draw outside these lines. What I have listed below is what I do almost every day. On an odd day, I may go for a run the moment I wake up, which changes the order slightly. But, this is the standard routine I have set and I love it.

1. Quiet Time

I wake up to the sound of an alarm.

My husband reaches over to the bible and leads us through a quiet time. We reflect on stories and take time to learn from the mistakes, as well as moments of bravery, from others. We take time to pray, think of others, our goals, and what we are thankful for.

2. Tea

I used to start my day with coffee but I felt I got too dehydrated. I changed it up to tea and it has had a rejuvenating effect on the way I feel first thing in the morning.

3. Exercise

I either do a 30 min workout, a run, or yoga. I should also probably mention that I never feel like it before I start moving. However, after I work out I feel awake, mobile, and like I am thriving.

The positive impact it has on my mood and mind is truly incredible.

4. Coffee and breakfast

Depending on the time of the year, I either have an iced coffee or an americano. I have the same breakfast every day which is a cup of oats drenched in honey. It feels like I start the day with dessert and that always puts a smile on my face.

5. Journal

Before I work, I reflect on the goals for the day that I may have written in my journal the night before. I don't always get this right and I really only like to focus on one thing at a time. However, journalling not only reminds me of where my focus is, but it also helps me digest any thoughts I may have before I hit the ground running.

Check out the video below for how I journal.

Final Thoughts

For me, there are additional moments that I add in the morning that make me feel awesome too.

Things like making my bed, brushing my teeth soon after I get up, and choosing a groovy playlist for exercising makes me feel epic. I also do not check my phone at all until I sit down at my desk which makes my mornings feel long.

I am always working before 8 am. Sure, I am not glammed up at all, but I am comfortable, nourished and I have moved.

I love my morning routine and I hope you find one that works for you.

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