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Journaling Tips for How to Journal

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How to journal in a world where there is no time

I love the idea of journaling, but the practice of journaling is where I run into some challenges.

Before even buying a book to document your feelings, set a time to journal and get mentally fit to commit to that time.

Being "busy" is my biggest obstacle. And, although many market journalling for its benefits, I thought I would start this article with some of the challenges I have faced to give you some perspective.

I have considered some reasons as to why I don't "just do it" and a few reasons that come to mind include:

  • Perhaps the idea of dealing with my feelings is more exciting than actually dealing with them,

  • Perhaps I still think that I should be tough enough to sort out my "stuff" without needing to write it down,

  • Perhaps I judge myself too harshly, and to avoid the wrath of my mind, I would rather just not journal,

  • Perhaps I haven't associated enough pleasure to the task, that I see it more as something to tick off, than something to look forward to.

I did manage to change my thought pattern, and this is how: I gave myself a challenge to journal every day for 21 Days.

What I learned after 21 days of journalling

This was the BEST journaling tip I have is to create a challenge that you can get excited about.

Also, if you are mindful of how you treat your friends and plan to treat yourself with the same amount of care and love, you will find a lot of healing in the practice. Here are some practical questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What are 3 goals for tomorrow?

  2. What are 3 things you are thankful for?

  3. What did you learn today?

  4. What is the long-term professional goal you have?

  5. What is a long-term personal goal you have?

  6. What are you busy processing?

  7. Who and what are somethings you want to pray about?

I found that these questions helped me process a lot of thoughts and feelings. I managed to get perspective on issues that were small which I may have built up to be bigger than they really were.

Final Thoughts

Often, we can be our own worst critics and also the biggest roadblock to trying something new.

If you want to try journaling, you need to find out what works for you and give yourself the freedom to explore, play, and change things up.

Ask yourself the same questions you would ask a friend and show yourself a little kindness along the way.

Good luck with your journaling journey.

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