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How to set up a Home Office | 10 Things You Need to Think About for Your Home Office Makeover

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10 Things You Need to Think About for Your Home Office Makeover

Interior design used to scare me.

After being inspired by the creative geniuses that I saw on Pinterest, I just never assumed that I too could transform my own home office without hiring a professional.

Sure, my work from home space is not exactly a work of art, but, it is something I am proud of.

The experience of pushing myself to try to brighten my space was empowering and my intention is to provide you with 10 tips to guide you in the process of you transforming your own office space.

1. Get comfortable

Before you do anything, find the comfiest clothes you have and get them on. Creativity is birthed from a place of freedom, not rigidity. You are more likely to move, lift, and change things if you are comfortable.

2. Find a helping hand

The task ahead may seem daunting, but if you find the right company, it can be the best time. Call a friend or tag in a husband. Having a second option or someone to help you move things around is a huge help.

This could be a great moment to make a memory.

3. Identify the space you have

Walk around the space you have and take in the size and the shape.

Consider how the shape may change if you were to move things around or add new items.

4. Identify the main source of light

Where is the majority of the light coming from? Is it a window or a lamp? Is it possible to consider working near that space?

Light affects your productivity. Consider ways that you can be close to it.

5. Consider painting your space

If you were to paint your walls to add further elements of brightness, which color would you paint them?

White has been known to add a crispy, blank-slate feel. It has also been said that white walls up the value of your property should you wish to sell it.

6. Think about the best place for you to work from

Perhaps you would need to get a coffee table that is resizable, or perhaps you would use your dining room table.

Depending on the size of your space, you may even be able to purchase a desk specifically for work. Consider where you would place it and why.

7. Identify storage

Where would you want to store your working gear if you have to reuse certain elements in your home?

If your desk is both a dining table and a work desk, where would the best storage place be? It is always easier to clean if everything has a home.

8. Identify further home office investments

Would you want to purchase additional furniture for your space? Think of how this would further impact your space.

Also, have you considered plants as well as the benefit of having plants in your workspace?

9. Set a budget

Create boundaries so that you stay within the lines of what you can afford.

Shopping can be both a fun time as well as a painful time, so make sure that you set yourself up for success.

10. Get to it

After pondering your space, what you could add to it, and how to keep it clean - you are ready to start your home office transformation.

Final Thoughts

I draw inspiration from Pinterest, but I usually still buy my own furniture from a mall. I find that often malls are cheaper than online stores, but this could change in the future.

Put a lot of thought into what you buy and consider ways to save money before you spend money.

I find it so much more rewarding when thought has gone into my purchases. I value items way more.

Good luck with setting up your workspace.

Take care.

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