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How To Make Stovetop Coffee | How I Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee for Morning Inspiration

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Delicious Home-Made Coffee Secrets

I start every morning with a cup of coffee made by none other than my Bialetti.

The coffee that it generates, to me at least, cannot be rivaled by coffees made in fancy machines.

I have recently given my home-office a makeover and there was a lot of chaos with all the change. However, the routine of a magnificent coffee always gives me something to look forward to.

I believe great coffee comes from the person who is making it and their heart behind the process. I do a pretty decent job but at the weekend the magic really happens.

Weekends are particularly special because my husband makes it. When it comes to mastering the art of milk, no one does it better than my husband.

How I make stovetop coffee in my Bialetti

The size of your Bialetti will determine the amount of coffee you can add.

As per the video above, I add just enough to fill the holder, and then I smooth it over with a spoon.

From there, I bring the Bialetti to the stove and pipe up the temperature.

I listen intently because you want to take it off before it starts to make the boiling noise.

You can hear when the mocha pot heats up and you can see the coffee starting to enter into the top section. I take mine off the heat when it is half-full.

It is really a game of trial and error, but if you hear the boil- you taste a different type of coffee than if you take it off just before.

I then add milk to another stainless-steel jug and bring it to the same area that my coffee was on before I took it off. When I add the milk, it becomes warm from the residual heat left over from the Bialetti.

I mix the milk every few seconds and then I remove it when the steel starts to get a little hot. It first feels warm, but then you can feel it jump a level to "hot". I don't let it get to burning... That is too hot.

I then use a milk pump and pump the jar around 40 times, if I am just making coffee for myself. It becomes nice and texturized.

I then mix everything together and I have the perfect cup of coffee to start my day.

Good luck with making your stove-top coffee.

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