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This is How To Create Customer-Centric Content

You can now bridge the gap between you and your audience

The Journey To Customer-Centric Content

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner is like stepping in a boxing ring.

First, the crowd- they raucously roar. Before you can even take in the praise and insults being shouted at you, you get your first punch to the face.

You may fall immediately. You could even decide to get up again. This time you tune out the voices but- BAM! Hit two comes…

By the time the match draws to a close, and you wake up- either in a hospital or in the loving arms of a friend or family member, grateful for the change of scenery.

But then, you step back into life, and people who watched you compete, start asking questions…

They want to know:

  • What you learned,

  • What you would do differently,

  • What went wrong,

  • How you plan on recovering?

All of a sudden, getting beat up wasn’t so bad. You realize how brave you were for even getting in the ring. That self-doubt you felt isn’t so crippling anymore because you have an audience wanting to learn.

What you do next is what defines the future of your career.

Is The Spotlight On You?

Where businesses go wrong, is that they don’t give customers what they want.

Customers approach them with specific questions, but instead of answering the questions, entrepreneurs share war stories about their life that are irrelevant to what people want to hear.

They waffle.

Customers are asking questions to help themselves.

What you need to do is share answers to questions people are asking, by first highlighting that you have listened, and second, by showing the potential consumer that it is your interest to provide them with the value they want.

Various Mediums Of Content

Video, written content, and images are the three most popular methods of distributing content. Each requires you to stay focussed, or you will lose your audience.


If your medium of communication is through video, make informative videos that answer questions.

For example, how do you feel when a YouTuber is providing information, and then stops to show you how they make their coffee before they continue speaking nothing-ness, and ultimately making a weak point in the last minute of their content?

I am sure you feel like you have lost valuable time.

There are exceptions, if you follow someone, because of the credibility and trust they have accumulated over time, then you don’t mind a bit of fluff.

But, the first time you are exposed to someone, and they caught you with click-bait, then you have negative connotations when you are confronted with their content in the future.


When you work with influencers or create your own stock-library, be mindful of what the purpose of your picture is.

Ogilvy famously said, “It’s all about the product. We don’t mess around”.

There is nothing wrong with telling a story through images, however, if the story is not about the product, the consumer will not take interest in what it is you are trying to sell.

Don’t get too fancy. Keep the main thing, the main thing


When you are searching for something, you generally want an answer to a question or insight into a topic.

Similarly, when you sign up for a newsletter, you sign up for what was promised: Tips or tricks, updates, etc

You did not sign up to hear how great someone is. If they force a relationship on you, that you didn’t see coming, it can feel intrusive.

Bloggers, start-ups, and designers can make the mistake of jumping too soon into the “Let Me Tell You About My Story” content. Be mindful that trust and credibility are the foundation of a good relationship.

Only once you have established a relationship over time, then take it to the next level. Don’t confuse your customer. First, pursue them before you hit them with your own agenda.

What is the point? Get to the point. Be concise.

What You Should Focus On

When it comes to spending time creating content, where do you spend most of your energy?

If your largest effort is in creating a click-worthy call-to-action, then you have missed the point.

When it comes to promoting your product, you should not be making the most noise. Let others, hype up your brand.

Your job is on providing value that customers are searching for.


Everyone loves being heard. Put your customers in the spotlight. Listen to them and provide them with content that solves their problems. Talk to them about what they want. Tell them how you can help them.

Be interested, before trying to be too interesting. Put your pride to the side, and focus on creating customer-centric content.

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