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How To Collab with Other YouTubers

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The biggest benefit of YouTube collaborations

If you have recently started your journey towards becoming a full-time YouTuber, and you are looking for a way to enhance the value of your content, a collaboration could be just what you need to add insight and experience in a topic that you may not have yourself.

A YouTube collaboration also gives you the chance to connect and learn from other YouTubers in your niche. The online space is filled with a vibrant community if you connect with like-minded individuals.

However, you are not always going to get the thumbs-up from other creators and we will talk more about why you may get rejected in a second.

My YouTube Collab Checklist

These are the steps I follow when it comes to reaching out to YouTubers that I would like to collaborate with:

  1. Form an email - Avoid spamming DM's or comment sections,

  2. Be specific and clear regarding what your intention behind the video is,

  3. Keep it classy and don't "fan-out" in the mail,

  4. Decide on the format of the collaboration: Live vs Pre-recorded,

  5. Set a deadline for when you need the footage,

  6. Identify whether you want background music in their clip,

  7. Outline what content you are hoping to receive from the creator.

Why you may get rejected

There are a few reasons why you may be rejected, or 'ghosted'.

  1. Timing- Perhaps you are reaching out in a really busy season for the creator.

  2. Fit- Perhaps the creator does not feel like there is a synergy between the two channels.

  3. Super Fan - Perhaps you were too excited in your email that you left the creator feeling uncomfortable.

Some people make the mistake of forgetting that YouTubers are people too. In the same way that you may feel overwhelmed with situations in life, the YouTuber may also be experiencing some level of drama in their own lives which may result in them not even reading your email.

Never take a rejection personally, because it is so difficult to understand where the rejection came from. Rather assume the best than project the worst.

Final Thoughts

Collaborations are hard work.

You need to be organized and know exactly what it is that you are hoping to create, otherwise you will end up frustrating the creator that you are reaching out to.

Take the time to figure out the "why" behind the video, what you would like from the creator, and when you would like the content, and only then reach out.

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