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4 Unique Apron Gift Ideas

Retro aprons for work or to celebrate a loved one

Why we love aprons

The trend for unique apron gifts has become a fun way to show a family member how much you care. Whether it is a floral design or an inside-joke, where there is food, family or a vibe, an apron is usually close by,

Not only that, fun and funky aprons at coffee shops or juice bars also add to the over-all vibe that the resturant evokes.

The list below are designs of mine that have been printed on aprons, however, the design is available on other items too, like:

  • T-shirts

  • Bags

  • Travel Mugs

  • Socks

To see the design on different items, click "Learn More".

Let's start looking at the various different designs.

1. Juice Bar Inspired Design - Learn More

This design is perfect for the health-nut in your family, or for your staff working in your juice bar.

The design is both retro and classy with the black-and-white color combination. Becuase of the color, it will likely suit any color scheme you already have going.

The design includes elements of fruit, smoothies, jars and everything encompassing healthy habits.

It is also avaiable on t-shirts and socks.

2. Fresh Bread in a Sourdough Design - Learn More

There are a few things that beat the smell of a fresh loaf of bread.

This design, captures the essance of sourdough through the photo and robust color.

The design works well as a gift to the friend or family member who has fond memories in France, enjoying the tastiest pasteries.

The design also works for those who own a coffee shop or patiserie. The bread design could be seen as an extention of your brand.

3. Coffee Design - Learn More

This retro coffee design, is a quirky gift for the coffee lover in your family.

The hand-drawn feel provides a somewhat vintage look to the apron making it a great gift for the trendy city-bowl coffee lover you may know.

Not only is it a great gift for personal use, the apron is also a nice idea for those who work in a coffee shop. Because the colors are neutral, it should fit with any decor already in the coffee shop.

4. Protea Design Apron - Learn More

Not only dies this floral design look perfect on floor pillows, tote bags and other items; it also looks wonderful on an apron.

This is a lovely gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or even a birthday gift to the flower lover you know.

The colors are bright and captivating, sure to make anyone feel appreciated and special.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few designs from my various collections.

On this blog, you will also see how wonderful these designs look on:

  • Yoga Leggings

  • Socks

  • Gift Ideas for Men

I hope you are inspired and that you have found designs that fit what you were looking for.

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