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3 Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home Office

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Moderation is Key

Before we get into the good stuff...

There are many benefits to adding plants to your working space, but it's mindful to know that too much of anything, is never a good idea.

The same is true with plants, if you get too many and struggle to keep them alive, or if you turn your house into a mini jungle, it makes for an adventure, but it will introduce an element of stress as opposed to the benefits we will now be discussing.

Why I am filling up my office with plants

I have recently given my office a bit of a summer-spin.

The walls used to be a tired khaki brown and there were a lot of clunky old pieces of furniture lying around.

I had no need to change anything because I was thankful for what I had.

However, as my office is now at home and my job requires me to film my space often, I decided to put some love and care into my environment and make it the space I want to be in.

So, I first painted the walls, and then the fun happened, plant-shopping.

Here are 3 benefits of having plants in your office if you needed the extra motivation to do some plant-shopping of your own.

1. They introduce an element of calmness

Green has been known to be a relaxing and calming color according to color psychology.

Painting your entire wall green could have the opposite effect, but having pockets of natural green beauty scattered around your open space may assist you in feeling less stressed and a little more serene.

2. They impact your productivity

A research study by the University of Exeter completed in 2014 indicated that adding just one plant per square meter improved memory retention and helped employees, in a lean manufacturing plant, score higher on other basic tests because they were psychologically engaged.

In a world where it is so easy to be distracted by technology, makes have a plant nearby the potential inspiration we need to get back to the task at hand.

3. They help reduce noise

As I film a lot, I am sensitive to noise as it affects the quality of my work. Plants, not only look great, but they absorb background noise which makes for a more efficient shoot.

They add to space and reduce echos which has a way of making an office feel homey and cozy.

Final Thoughts

Giving my home office the gifts of plants has not only been a lot of fun to do, but it adds an element of playfulness into my space which is always welcomed.

Life can sometimes get so serious and gloomy, and appreciating a pop of nature may be the little lift I never knew I needed in the day.

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