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15 Best Truth Seeking Questions

The Courage To Be A Truth Seeker | Marguerite Faure Podcast S1 E4

Growing Together With Questions

Being in a family, friendship group, or even relationship, requires bucket loads of empathy, but also a lot of courage to speak the truth.

Jordan Peterson writes in his book "12 Rules For Life" to, "Tell the truth, or at least never lie."

White lies are something we all experience and they are the best to tackle first. When you find the courage to confront small areas of untruths, you grow the courage to be braver and use your tongue more wisely.

These questions are not intended to make anyone feel guilty, in fact, they are here to encourage us to laugh at ourselves but also to challenge ourselves to be more precise in our speech.

The best questions to challenge yourself

  1. Have you ever lied when you were overcharged for getting your hair done?

  2. Have you ever lied when a waiter brought you the incorrect meal?

  3. Have you ever lied when someone asked you how you were, and you said "fine", but weren't really?

  4. Have you ever lied when someone made fun of your friend/ partner and it upset you?

  5. Have you ever lied when you wanted to get out of something?

  6. Why do you think people lie?

  7. Why do you think it is so hard to tell the truth?

  8. Why do people's perceptions of us matter so much to us?

  9. Does being considered weak affect how we speak around others?

  10. Does being considered a joy-kill affect how we speak around others?

  11. Does being quiet or passive count as lying?

  12. How can you better advocate for those who do not have voices to speak their truth?

  13. What is the best way to turn what was a lie, into truth?

  14. Where do people take speaking-the-truth too far?

  15. How can you be mindful of others while being a truth seeker?

To me at least, telling the truth isn't imposing your beliefs on others. It is seeing the pole in your own eye, before judging others for the log in theirs.

In speaking truth, you also need to take feedback. This means you have to become aware of your own blind spots and this is often not the easiest thing.

Join our conversation over at the Marguerite Faure Podcast. We share our answers, to these questions, in Episode 4.

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My hope is that by asking these questions to your partner, that you will grow closer and share moments of deep conversation as well as light-hearted laughs.

Take care,


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