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10 YouTube Channel Ideas to Inspire You To Start Your YouTube Channel in 2021

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Which YouTube niche fits you like a glove?

When it comes to creating content on YouTube, finding content ideas, is often the most difficult part.

You may find yourself stuck between wanting to create viral content that will help your channel grow from 0 - 1000 subscribers quickly, or. you may be in the mindset of creating videos you love and make peace that your journal may take a little longer.

Some good things to consider are:

  1. How much, on average, YouTubers in that niche earn,

  2. How many fresh videos you are able to think of within that niche.

For example, the personal-finance, and real estate niche are known to earn more than the pranking or minimalist-living niches. The reason is that companies are less likely to want to place their ad on videos that do not align with their core values.

This said, here are 10 YouTube channel ideas that are wither known to pay well in terms of ad-revenue or sponsorships:

  1. Beauty-niche: Reviews, tutorials etc

  2. Personal finance niche: Budgeting, saving, investing etc

  3. Cooking niche: Recipes, product reviews

  4. DIY niche: Home, rooms, sneaker art, you name it :)

  5. Activewear niche: Review brands, fit etc

  6. Fitness niche: Workouts, tips etc

  7. Health niche: 30 day challenges, recipes etc

  8. Work from home niche: Insight, ideas etc

  9. Product review niche: Phones, laptops, cars, etc

  10. Lifestyle niche: Travel, hotels, tech etc

These 10 niches are packed with a variety of sub-categories which makes them both a calculated but also interesting niche to investigate for your YouTube channel.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you need to identify a niche that you can commit to.

At the start, you can play around, but as your channel starts to grow, you may confuse your audience if you play around too much.

It is also a good idea to consider collaborating with other YouTubers to connect with like-minded people in the YouTube community.

I wish you everything of the best with your YouTube channel.

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