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Kakeibo - Expenses Explained Using The Kakeibo Method (2020)
Marguerite Faure
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The Four Kakeibo Pillars

Expenses are classified into four pillars using the Kakeibo method.


  • Survival Expenses

  • Optional Expenses

  • Cultural Expenses

  • Extra Expenses

Why Use The Kakeibo Method?

If you are new to budgeting, well, Kakeibo is not as scary as your accounting teaching in school- that's for sure.


Kakeibo is referred to as the Japanese art of saving money and has become a popular way for people to gain control of what is going on in their personal finances. The Kakeibo method is an intuitive budgeting method which is ultimately why it is gaining so much traction.

Downloads a Free Kakeibo
Kakeibo Free Journal
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